Curious about George


HBO and Playtone have teamed to buy rights to David McCullough's book "1776," and will use it as the basis for a multi-part miniseries about George Washington's charge against the British. The mini…


‘Idol’ goes for gold


"American Idol" is sprinting to the finish line, racking up hefty year-to-year gains Wednesday night and lifting Fox into a near tie for the May sweep demo lead. As the third week of the ratings…

Review: ‘Our Fathers’


Ambitious, meticulously made but ultimately refracted through too many characters, Showtime's exploration of how the Catholic Church mishandled the issue of pedophile priests is surely provocative…

Fox’s laugh track


Don't tell Fox execs comedy is dead: Net is planning to unveil a fall sked today boasting a whopping 12 comedies -- and not a single new reality show. Overall, Fox will have more comedies than NBC…

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