• TV

Review: 'Starved'


Viewers don't figure to be nearly as pleased with Eric Schaeffer's new FX series as the writer-producer-director-star seems to be. Although the basic cabler made its name in drama by pushing…

  • Film

Review: 'Weeds'


Despite the focus on sex and violence, one element that most clearly distinguishes pay cable from broadcast TV is casual drug use, with rampant pot smoking (and worse) in "Six Feet Under" and "The…

  • Biz

Supreme anticipation


With Judge John Roberts presiding, Hollywood fought the law -- and the law won. That may be all showbiz and media types need to remember when wondering how President Bush's nominee to the Supreme…

UTV takes toons


Indian animator United Television (UTV) has bagged four animation production and two co-production deals worth a total of $4 million with companies in the Netherlands, Canada, Scotland and Luxembourg.

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