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Leaving office works a charm


Tuning In: The charisma of successful politicians becomes most evident once they leave office and hit the TV talk circuit. Recent book-flogging appearances by Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich with…


GM ankles Lifetime


Lifetime's Rick Haskins is ankling his post as executive vice president/GM at the end of July. Haskins, who has spent six years at the women's cabler, most recently led a gradual ratings resurgence…

Scripting new path


TWI U.S. topper Bob Horowitz is ankling the IMG-based TV operation to set up the reality production shingle Juma Entertainment. Company, most recently behind Bravo's model competish "Manhunt," will…

ESPN sports ABC functions


ESPN continues to lord it over its ABC Sports sibling. On Thursday, ESPN took control of five ABC Sports functions: programming, marketing, communications, financial and legal. All that's left in the…

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