BBC vet lands a part-time gig


Veteran British TV topper Mike Phillips, who recently retired as deputy CEO of BBC Worldwide, is set to have a part-time role at the outfit as executive producer for theatrical films.

Blighty’s mighty TV


Revenues from the export of British TV programs surged 21% to £632 million ($1.07 billion) last year, with sales to the U.S., Germany and Spain especially strong, according to figures from U.K…

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Cooking show flames out


NBC couldn't muster much interest for its new unscripted series "Celebrity Cooking Showdown," which opened to a fourth-place finish Monday night. ABC was also underwhelming with the series premiere…

Striking a pose


The forecast looks stormy and uncertain on the Hollywood labor front. Even though negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and studios haven't yet been scheduled, the town is beset by an…

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