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Brit scribe urges exex to get 'Lost'


British screenwriter Paul Abbott has urged Blighty's TV head honchos to create daring new dramas like Buena Vista Intl. Television's "Lost" or alienate audiences with "under-ambitious, predictable…


Review: 'Martha'


In addition to primetime reality shows, both Martha Stewart and Tyra Banks have new daytime talk/information vehicles -- whether it's potting orchids or wrestling with body image. Just one of them…

Review: 'Threshold'


Crisp, smart and spooky, this cerebral sci-fi drama is the best of the new "Something's out there" series, though CBS faces an uphill trek to attract more than a cult following. A two-hour launch…

Thou shalt helm for FX


Gus Van Sant and Nicole Holofcener have signed to direct installments of FX's Section Eight-produced event series "The Ten Commandments." Ten-hour project explores the spiritual and moral issues…

'News' needs fixing


Viacom co-prexy/co-COO Leslie Moonves said that he'd sent CBS News "back to the drawing board" on a proposed remake of CBS' "Evening News" and he'd grown "frustrated" with the attempts to improve the…

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