Lion cables its roar


Comcast and Sony took their first major step toward creating a batch of fresh cable networks in the U.S. by hiring Diane Robina, an MTV Networks maven, as president of Comcast/Sony Networks, a newly…

MTV to air Blair chat


On the eve of the Live8 concerts, MTV viewers from 24 countries -- including nine African nations -- will quiz British Prime Minister Tony Blair today about the objectives of next week's meeting of…


CBS is phoning Holm


Ian Holm will play Pope John Paul II in the upcoming CBS biopic about the late pontiff. Holm ("The Lord of the Rings" trilogy) will portray the elder Karol Wojtyla, starting with his election to the…

H'w'd makes a Discovery


Discovery Networks is going Hollywood. Company president Billy Campbell is establishing a Los Angeles base for Discovery's stable of cablers, hiring former E! Networks exec VP Mark Sonnenberg as head…

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