BBC doesn’t add up


Two weeks ago, a bullish BBC revealed a blueprint for global expansion, but problems in its own backyard are overshadowing the mighty pubcaster as critics accuse it of financial incontinence.

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WB’s Grecian formula


Warner Bros. Domestic Cable sells hundreds of movies a year in various windows. But Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy" is the one that might get Warners' dealmakers enshrined in the Salesmen's Hall of Fame.

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A laffers’ market


Talk about unhappy recollections. Chuck Larsen, the TV syndication veteran who runs October Moon Consultants, remembers the chill that seized the major studios' TV divisions two years ago when the…

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Abrams pacts with WB, Par


In a surprise move that caught the small screen business off-guard Friday morning, "Alias" and "Lost" guru J.J. Abrams has ankled his longtime home at Touchstone Television to set up shop at Warner…

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