Cronkite calls to journos


Walter Cronkite -- citing a U.S. educational system that he called "an absolute crime" -- said it is incumbent on broadcast journalists to educate their bosses regarding the media's vital role in…

Alphabet soups up


Television is a hit-driven business, and ABC and CBS shined the brightest during premiere week because they have the biggest of them. NBC's "My Name Is Earl" and UPN's "Everybody Hates Chris" were…

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Cablers coming under Bunting


Discovery Channel and its TLC sibling have received some poor Nielsen report cards over the last year or two, leading the company to consolidate all of its production under one executive, Discovery's…

Review: ‘Night Stalker’


"Night Stalker" appears bound for cult status -- the "Boomtown" of 2005. By making two newspaper reporters the focus, crimes are allowed to lie unsolved and fester, haunting the principals while they…

Review: ‘Bodies’


The chilling notion that "What's between doctors stays between doctors" powers this slow-moving yet absorbing BBC limited series, whose six-episode first season (a second flight just aired in the…

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