So much for stability


For a new series, especially one teetering on the ratings bubble, an Emmy nomination can bring much-needed attention to the show. As a result, networks often spend a lion's share of marketing dollars…


VH1 up its Latin carriage


VH1 Latin America is now distributed on cablers Telecentro in Argentina and Cable Magico in Peru. The new carriage deals up distribution of the feevee to 11.5 million homes regionwide, with total…

WGA in standoff with CBS


The Writers Guild of America has reported little progress in its first negotiations with CBS in seven months. Scribes continue to oppose the net's demand to consolidate staffs at CBS radio stations.

A lewd awakening


Congress finally passed an indecency bill Wednesday -- and fines are poised to increase tenfold. When President Bush signs the legislation into law, fines will jump from $32,500 to $325,000 per…

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