Fox jury’s still out


Fox's "Justice" opened to respectable numbers Wednesday night despite not much help from its "Bones" lead-in. The net hasn't exactly lit things up with its early-fall premieres in August, and the…


Review: ‘Standoff’


Awkward pairing of relationship drama and procedural cop show, "Standoff" bombs on both counts. Suspense, whether romantic or dramatic, never builds in this pilot centered on a pair of FBI agents who…

Arctic Monkeys


The Arctic Monkeys rank mighty high on Britain's list of important exports. And while this frightfully young Manchester-bred bunch certainly fell into that category when the notoriously trendy U.K…

Bob Dylan


Since Bob Dylan took to XM's airwaves in May, he has been proffering some of the most obscure music any of the channels plays. Thematically arranging his hourlong show, he digs through ancient bins…

Pimp my demo


Social networking Web site has become so ingrained in the fabric of today's wired generation that it wouldn't be an understatement to refer to its coveted networking demo -- roughly 16-34…

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