Tube turf wars waged


Emotions always run high in the days leading up to the network upfronts, but this weekend saw an unusual degree of behind-the-scenes drama play out in the TV biz. The up-and-down relationship between…

  • Film

TV catches a break


TV series producers appear to be the major beneficiaries thus far from a federal tax break aimed at keeping small-budget features from fleeing the U.S. That was a key conclusion Wednesday evening…

Pilot tapes tapped out


A studio crackdown has put the kibosh on a time-honored TV biz tradition: passing along bootleg tapes and DVDs of fall pilot contenders. With the Big Six set to unveil their new skeds next week, this…

  • TV

Nets on gender bender


Women are back. Not that they ever left primetime TV. But after several years of trying to bag fickle male viewers -- to mixed results -- the broadcast webs have rediscovered the joy of the fairer…

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