Hoisting the sales


Fox, NBC and CBS have completed close to half of their advance sales of airtime for the coming TV season, while ABC is still sitting on the sidelines. Peter Chernin told investors at the Deutsche…

Remote DVR unplugs


It's networks one, cable operators zero in the battle over remote recording. With a lengthy legal fight ahead of it, Cablevision on Thursday shelved its plans to test its remote-storage DVR until at…

Got Milch?


When David Milch won a Humanitas Prize in 1983 for his work on "Hill Street Blues" and was awarded $15,000 in prize money, he didn't do what many people would think prudent and put the money in the…

How the West was done


When HBO released "Deadwood" cast members from their contracts last month -- which in turn became a hold for a pair of two-hour movies -- a simple round of interviews to christen the third-season…

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