Dress-up affair


"Salads are like actors," quipped emcee Tim Curry to the elegant room full of costume designers noshing on leafy greens, "both are infinitely more interesting with dressing."


Plié-ing with Ailey


Balletomanes and hoofer-lovers of all kinds turned out Wednesday at the opening night gala for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. The event was hosted by the Blue Ribbon and Center Dance Assn…

‘Design’ gets update


Broadway hadn't anticipated an opening like this since Richard Hatch sat on the aisle for the premiere of "The Full Monty." Monica Lewinsky, former FOB, emerged at Thursday night's opening of "Design…

Crowning glory


Saturday's second annual Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Guild Awards kicked off with a musical trib to the contenders, courtesy of wunderkind Lauren Frost, who touted the beauticians as she…

‘Exit’ enter genre


The March 13 preem of Warners "Exit Wounds" took some attendees by surprise. The Steven Seagal starrer was preceded by a trailer for "Swordfish," a highly unusual occurrence that appeared to catch…

Teen time in H’w’d


As they were getting over Thursday's "Get Over It" preem at the Festival Theater with an after-party at the Westwood Brewing Co., producer Paul Feldsher said the film was "like if Pedro Almodovar and…

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