eBay’s Emmys edge


Need an edge to win those upcoming Emmy office pools? Online auction house eBay has predicted the victors for you, based on its total number of show and star-related items up for bid.

Calendar unspools reel men


Some of the hottest hunks in Hollywood are coming out from behind the scenes. Filmcrew 2000, a calendar of what its creator calls "reel men at work," features 12 set designers, grips and other…

Full moon celebration


The spread of food was rich and the moon full as British consul general Paul Diamond hosted the 13th annual BAFTA-LA garden party Thursday at a private residence here. Veteran director John…

Showing his showmanship


When New Line Cinema's president of production Michael De Luca was asked where he thought he ranked in showbiz, the exec replied, "I go back and forth. On good days, I feel like P.T. Barnum, but with…

Fields day for fashion


The hoofing of Savion Glover and the custom a cappella warbling of Ladysmith Black Mambazo provided an authentic atmosphere of global culture. And Chicago's "Fash Bash" provided so much dog-days…

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