One helluva mensch


Before "Little Nicky's " Thursday benefit preem at the Chinese Theater, New Line topper Bob Shaye praised Adam Sandler for being a mensch and "doing a great job without whining." Then marketing…

'Wife' gets new life


Charles Busch announced Thursday at the opening-night party for his new play "The Tale of the Allergist's Wife" that he would not be following Linda Lavin into the title role of the manic Upper West…

BAFTA hails Spielberg


While shooting a film Stanley Kubrick had worked on for 18 years and with the late director's widow Christiane in attendance, Steven Spielberg accepted BAFTA/L.A.'s Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award…


Carousing for a cause


What happens when the biggest name on the guest list -- in this case, the president of the United States -- doesn't appear at a major black-tie fundraiser? The show goes on without him.

'Monty' takes off


Hogging all the media attention at the Oct. 26 Broadway premiere of "The Full Monty" -- about six naked guys with ordinary bodies -- was Richard Hatch of "Survivor," who gained fame as a naked guy…

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