‘Moon’ landing


Maybe it's perfectly fitting in a business that frequently defies explanation, but the last major premiere of the millennium was for a biopic centered on a personality none of the filmmakers could…

A royal entrance


If no less an authority than Daily Variety’s Army Archerd says Wednesday’s “Anna and the King” launch was “the biggest premiere I’ve ever seen in Hollywood,” who’s to argue? It certainly had the most…

‘Hurricane’ warning


Just after exiting Tuesday's preem of "The Hurricane," Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was asked what he took away from the experience of seeing his life story told Hollywood-style. "Hopefully, some money,"…

‘Magnolia’ blooms


A 23rd-floor Westwood penthouse gave "Magnolia" a dramatic locale for its Wednesday night premiere party -- and there was more drama when that ol' party pooper, the fire marshal, put the kibosh on…

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