'Thomas' out on toot


"Thomas and the Magic Railroad" chugged into the Century Plaza Theater for its premiere screening Saturday morning. Tikes outnumbered adults for Destination's "Thomas" and the railroad themed…

'Loser' wins everything


Drawing comparisons between her trilogy of teen pics, which include "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" "Clueless" and now "Loser," Amy Heckerling said that the social and political frameworks of the time…


'Dead's' lively evening


The Ahmanson Theater's opening night audience rose from "The Dead" -- that's "James Joyce's The Dead" -- Wednesday night and proceeded outdoors to an after-life on the Music Center's plaza, complete…

Picnic full of beans


Baked beans by Billy Crudup and mint juleps mixed by Patricia Clarkson were highlights of the Drama Dept.'s company picnic at the West Village's Greenwich House on Monday. Bowing to Manhattan's sauna…

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