AFI has ‘Bella’ gala


The AFI L.A. International Film Festival kicked off Oct. 22 with Miramax's "Life Is Beautiful." And while the opening speeches were fine, the most inspired gesture came from the Chinese theater's…

Pumping up Arnold


Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed Sunday that he'd been truly pumped for the evening's Moving Picture Ball of the American Cinematheque. The org's 13th honoree admitted he felt "great and embarrassed"…

BAFTA honors Travolta


The sound of bagpipes floated through Beverly Hills on Thursday night as BAFTA-LA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts -- Los Angeles) honored John Travolta with its eighth annual Britannia…

An evening of ‘Magic’


Jenna Elfman said she's "a sucker for fun chick flicks,'' which was more than enough reason to attend Tuesday's premiere of Warner Bros.' "Practical Magic'' and then the after-party at the House of…

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