U’s ‘Family’ values


HOLLYWOOD — At Tuesday’s Chinese Theater preem of “Family Man,” director Brett Ratner said he was most concerned about balancing the melodrama and comedy. “I told Nick (Cage) that this was ‘Kramer…

Scribes surf on WGA turf


HOLLYWOOD — Live from Spago on the Sunset Strip, it’s the Writers Guild of America. With a heavy helping of glitz and glamour, the union staged a two-hour live Webcast from its Winter Screenwriters…

DGA honors trio


The Directors Guild of America held its Second Annual Honors Gala on Sunday, drawing presenters such as Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sigourney Weaver, David Chase, Shirley MacLaine and Rep. Dennis…


‘Chocolat’ melts in


Harvey Weinstein uttered the "O" word Monday at the preem of Miramax Films' "Chocolat," at the Academy. "There's a big Oscar push behind this," he said, adding that even though Miramax has two others…

Fired up for charity


The entertainment industry can be justly proud of the donations it’s made over the past decade at the Fire & Ice Ball: The $20 million raised went into the research on Herceptin, a highly successful…

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