Wilder time


Billy Wilder and Cameron Crowe — but especially Wilder — were the focus of a tsunami of Hollywood's movers, shakers and shaken as they held court in a back booth at Morton's Thursday night.

Celebs snap up photos


It's not often an auction combines aspects of a memorial service and a charity fund-raiser, but such was the case Wednesday when a selection of Roddy McDowall's celebrity photographs went on the…

‘Joan’ in battle


Columbia and Gaumont's premiere for "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" entered a crowded battleground Monday night: Also vying for audience share were the Yankees' World Series hopes, Monday…

‘Story’ time


The filmmakers of Universal and Castle Rock's "The Story of Us" had their own stories to tell to as they arrived at the Beverly Wilshire for the Wednesday preem's after-party.

Davidson’s legit aim


Center Theatre Group artistic director/producer Gordon Davidson believes that people will turn out for live theater in Los Angeles -- and looking at the capacity crowd of 1,600 attending the opening…

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