‘Planet’ world preem


In introductory remarks at the world premiere of his “What Planet Are You From?” on Thursday night, Mike Nichols told a funny story about attending a film premiere 32 years ago, the punchline of…

Kudocast kickoff


"I'm the youngest guy here tonight," quipped Arista Records topper Clive Davis, after surveying the crowd of more than 800 artists and execs from the worlds of music, film and TV who gathered Tuesday…

Sting rebukes Austria


Musician Sting railed against the Austrian government Tuesday at the MTV Rock the Vote fund-raiser, saying he faced a dilemma of whether to perform at two sold-out concerts there in June.

Blondes prefer GQ


"GQ is the Playboy magazine for women. We say we really just read it for the articles," Lauren Holly told Daily Variety, shortly before Grammy nominee Macy Gray burst onto the stage of the Sunset…

Regarding Harrison


Robert Wise, who as an AFI Life Achievement Award honoree and an Academy Award winner knows a thing or two about being honored, says the AFI kudo is "as close to getting an Oscar as this town offers."

Snow falling on comics


With snow falling gently at a steady rate throughout the weekend and big-name talent everywhere in evidence, Aspen, Colo., turned into a winter comedy wonderland during the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival…

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