'Bait' sets L.A. hook


Warner Bros. and Castle Rock unspooled “Bait,” its version of “Big Brother” in Century City's Loews Cineplex Plaza on Tuesday night. Doug Hutchison, co-star of the action comedy in which law…


Lucys sport support


Emmy was not the only femme in television singing praises last week. Producer Marcy Carsey, comedian Phyllis Diller, the cast and creators of HBO's “If These Walls Could Talk” and its sequel were…

'Famous' rocks aud


One indication of how well DreamWorks' "Almost Famous" played at Tuesday's DGA screening came from the guest who took a few steps out of the theater, stopped dead, turned and gushed: "This is one of…

VJ takes spin in 'City'


How hot is HBO's "Sex and the City"? Try this: The William Morris Agency is getting the word out that Cane, the magnetic New York deejay who hosts "The Rock Show" on VH1 and presides over the…

Venice fetes AmFAR


In the dining hall of a 17th century monastery where Franciscan monks who took a vow of poverty once ate their humble suppers, Venetian society and Hollywood glamour sat down to lobster and champagne…

'Betty' nursing NYU


The front lawn of financier-producer Keith Barish's Southampton estate Sunday night had all the trappings of a hospital trauma center: a flashing ambulance and tables strewn with surgical gloves and…

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