Party on, Oscar


Lou Pitt said it's "the real March Madness," and one studio prexy called it "the Bataan Death March with glitter." Welcome to Hollywood's Mardi Gras, the Academy Awards weekend.

Fame hogs the light


Fame was both the topic (and the film's theme) when Universal threw a massive premiere Tuesday for "EDtv" at the studio's amphitheater followed by a party in a football field-size tent.

Cauldron bubbles


While at Spago Tuesday for a lunch hosted by New Yorker magazine editor David Remnick, George Stephanopoulos was asked if his book on his Clinton White House years, "All Too Human: A Political…

Paula gets her pound


Don't be pompous around Paula Poundstone. The script at the United Friends of the Children fundraiser Thursday called for the comedienne to introduce Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan with a string…



Rookies "Patch Adams," "Shakespeare in Love" and "The Thin Red Line," plus hearty holdovers "A Bug's Life" and "You've Got Mail," powered the foreign B.O. last week -- but some exhibs weren't happy.

L.A. crix fete Polonsky


Abraham Polonsky, whose work as a writer and director includes "Force of Evil," "Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here" and "Body and Soul," was honored Saturday at the L.A. County Museum with a lifetime…

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