Whoope for Whoopi


As he stood in the lobby observing the almost completely white audience enter the Granada Theater for the Santa Barbara Film Festival's tribute to Whoopi Goldberg, Bruce Vilanch made the droll…

Laurels to rest on


Curiously, most of Thursday night’s Producers Guild of America winners — including top dogs Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks of “American Beauty” — didn’t wear their Golden Laurels with ease. “We’re just a…

‘Walls’ rock solid


The setting looked more South Beach than Westwood garage and the mood was festive as an eclectic crowd partied well past midnight at Wednesday's post-preem fete for HBO's "If These Walls Could Talk…

‘Planet’ world preem


In introductory remarks at the world premiere of his “What Planet Are You From?” on Thursday night, Mike Nichols told a funny story about attending a film premiere 32 years ago, the punchline of…

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