Performers speak up


Industryites exercised their First Amendment rights at Town Hall Monday night with comedy, poetry and not a little pointed prose against the forces of censorship, as part of the Creative Coalition's…

Arnold has his day


Certainly the dominant special effect at Tuesday's "End of Days" preem after-party was having star Arnold Schwarzenegger holding court at a table near the 14-piece band playing in the massive tent…

‘Tumbleweeds’ blow in


Women in Film and Daily Variety presented a special screening of Fine Line’s “Tumbleweeds” on Tuesday at the Writers Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills, followed by a Q&A. The event was to celebrate the…

Licensed to preem


One guest expressed the sentiments of the many at Monday's dual theater preem of the latest James Bond film, "The World Is Not Enough," when he said: "I'm here for the spectacle."

‘Bachelor’s’ wows


Though the joy of a major movie premiere can sometimes elude harried filmmakers (the words "it's like being at a wedding reception in hell" have been voiced on occasion), none of the debut pleasure…

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