Pressman is the man


Manhattan's glittering skyline and the East River's black waters made a fitting backdrop to the after-party Friday at Brooklyn's Kino restaurant, where fans, friends, and colleagues arrived to…

Long ‘Days’ journey


It's shaping up as a boffo 21 days for "Thirteen Days." So far this month, the New Line pic has been screened at the White House, for Congress, and shown 220 miles above Earth.


Diamond in the rough


By taking the small film role his manager, Jim Morey, called "confirmation of his celebrity," Neil Diamond was onscreen at Wednesday's Village Theater "Saving Silverman" preem, then onstage at the…

MGM: Bon appetit!


Hannibal Lecter fanatics arrived in hordes Monday to eat bloody roast beef and drink red wine at the after-party of MGM's gory thriller "Hannibal," held in the front hall of the New York Public…

Schreiber Studio salute


The theater crowd at the T. Schreiber Studio's annual awards gala had much to celebrate in addition to honoring actress Mary-Louise Parker and Shubert chairman Gerald Schoenfeld. Above all, producers…

‘Baby’ on board


The Gotham theater world was out in full force Feb. 1 to pass out the cigars at the opening-night party for Edward Albee's new work, "The Play About the Baby," held at the W NYC Hotel Union Square…

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