Credits cards reshuffled


In the TV industry’s latest battle against its biggest enemy – the remote control – producers and networks are coming up with new tricks to cut down on channel surfing. That means getting rid of…

Exec Shuffle


Rob Hooke has been named senior counsel at Request. Hooke moves up from his counsel post at the pay-per-view service, and will be responsible for overseeing all affiliate contracts and negotiations…

Inside Moves


Can Mike Nichols trim the budget on “Primary Colors” from $75 million to $50 million? That’s the latest in the ongoing saga of when the high-profile novel will make it to the bigscreen. There seems…

KCAL to ax tabmag pair


KCAL has firm plans to dump the King World magazine series “Inside Edition” and “American Journal” from the 7 p.m. access slot and replace the duo with an additional hour of news to create a…

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