ShowBiz City by the Bay


SAN FRANCISCO — One crusty truism in the eternal feud between L.A. and S.F. boosters has been the latter's perception as a place to be entertained. For entertainment-as-business, they say, go south…


Kaufman inks to helm 'Shepherd'


Veteran director Philip Kaufman, who last arose with “Rising Sun,” has inked to herd the thriller “The Good Shepherd” to the screen for Columbia Pictures and American Zoetrope Prods., sources said…

Eisner to pen his story


Random House announced that it will publish the memoirs of Walt Disney company chairman and CEO Mi-chael Eisner, a collaboration with journo Tony Schwartz — who previously collaborated with Donald…



Jill Kaeser and Doug Sanderson, March 8, Del Mar. Bride's director of strategic marketing and promotions for Trimark Home Video; groom's senior director of sales at Cloud 9 Interactive.

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