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Freeman A. Davies


Freeman A. Davies, 79, former assistant head of postproduction at MGM, died Jan. 1 in Culver City, Calif., after a long illness. He worked at MGM from 1929 until his retirement in 1976. He began his…

Don Draper


Don Draper, 62, actor, died Dec. 17 in Los Angeles of AIDS. A veteran of stage, film and tv, Draper appeared on Broadway in “Advise And Consent,” “Madame, Will You Walk,” “Coriolanus” and “Eye For An…

Ada Moore


Ada Moore, 64, an actress and singer, died Jan. 6 in Brooklyn of cancer. She performed on Broadway, as well as in jazz and supper clubs. After attending the U. of California, Los Angeles, Moore began…


Renato Rascel


Renato Rascel, 78, actor, comedian and singer whose hits include the international favorite “Arrivederci Roma,” died Jan. 2 in Rome of heart failure. One of his last stage appearances was in 1986…

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