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Richard Vrooman


Richard C. Vrooman, 54, an operatic tenor, died Dec. 31 in Liberty, Mo., of cardiac arrest. A member of a Kansas City singing family, he sang at the fledgling Lyric Opera in K.C. in the late 1950s…

Jim Walsh


Jim Walsh, 80, an authority on the early years of the recording industry, died Dec. 24 in Salem, Va. Known for his encyclopedic knowledge of singers, phonographs and old songs, Walsh donated his…

Jason Chistmas


Jason Christmas, 49, a host at the Comic Strip and an actor, died Jan. 11 in New York of a gunshot wound. He was killed outside the comedy club during a robbery. Born Joseph Janovcsik, he performed…

Alan L. Hale


Alan L. Hale, 41, industry publicist, died Jan. 22 in New York of AIDS. Hale was a principal and v.p. of Hale & Husted Associates, a Manhattan-based public relations and marketing firm. Hale handled…

Elwood Stanley Carl


Elwood Stanley Carl, 73, conductor, musician and composer, died Jan. 13 in Panorama City, Calif., cause undisclosed. A native of Cleveland, Carl played woodwinds early in his career with the NBC…

Aglaia Mitropoulou


Aglaia Mitropoulou, 64, critic and founder of the Greek Film Archives, died Jan. 21 in Athens of a heart attack. Mitropoulou, born in Athens, studied business and literature before emerging as a…

Ted Walsh


Ted Walsh, 65, retired CBS program practices exec, died Jan. 4 in Los Angeles of natural causes. Walsh began his showbiz career shortly after World War II in special services, performing in soldier…

Dimitris Myrat


Dimitris Myrat, 82, veteran Greek stage and film actor, director and writer, died Jan. 10 in Athens of cancer. Myrat's prolific career began in 1925 with his first stage appearance with the famed…

Alfred Emmet


Alfred Emmet, 82, a leading amateur theater impresario famed for having introduced foreign works to British audiences, died Jan. 16 in Cirencester, England. In 1933 he founded the Questors Theater…

Nita Krebs


Nita Krebs, 85, one of three pink-tutued “Lullabye League” Munchkins who greeted Dorothy in “The Wizard Of Oz,” died Jan. 18 in Sarasota, Fla., of an apparent heart attack. Standing 3 feet 8 inches…

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Domestic Film DAILY


  1. 1

    Heaven is for Real

    Daily Gross:$3.7M

    Cume to04.16.14: $3.7M

    Heaven is for Real

    Daily:$3.7M Cumulative:$3.7M Sony / TriStar 0.00%
  2. 2

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Daily Gross:$3.5M

    Cume to04.16.14: $170.6M

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Daily:$3.5M Cumulative:$170.6M Disney -25.44%
  3. 3

    Rio 2

    Daily Gross:$3.0M

    Cume to04.16.14: $49.3M

    Rio 2

    Daily:$3.0M Cumulative:$49.3M Fox -28.83%

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