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Ed Price


Ed Price, 56, d.j. and radio newsman for 30 years, died Feb. 2 in Pittsburgh of a heart attack. Price moved to Pittsburgh from Detroit and began his career in that city at WTAE. He later moved to…

Paul R. Snider


Paul R. Snider, a radio announcer in Los Angeles for 30 years, died Feb. 8 in Los Angeles after a long illness. Snider, who retired in 1977, began his radio career in 1933 in Kansas City after…

William Bryan


William Wright Bryan, 85, first World War II correspondent to broadcast an eyewitness account of D-Day, died Feb. 13 in Clemson, S.C., of pneumonia. Bryan was managing editor and war correspondent of…


Hugh McPherson


Hugh McPherson, 77, bandleader, jazz enthusiast and veteran broadcaster, died Feb. 3 in Charleston, W. Va., after a short illness. In his early years, McPherson toured the U.S. with his band in New…

Lillian Peloso


Lillian Peloso, 72, one of the founders of Women in Show Business (formerly Girls Friday of Show Business), died Jan. 11 in Palm Springs, Calif., of cancer. Peloso worked for more than 30 years as a…

Skid Weiss


Seymour (Skid) Weiss, 66, national director of communications for the Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Corp., died Jan. 31 in Burbank, Calif., after a prolonged illness. Weiss joined WEA in 1971, the year the…



An item last week about an anti-AIDS psa directed by Martin Scorsese (VARIETY, Feb. 11) misstated when it was aired. It ran last summer. An article regarding Boston's legit season (VARIETY, Feb. 11)…

Bobby MacLeod


Bobby MacLeod, 65, Scottish dance music maestro and bandleader, who was a former provost (mayor) of the yachting resort of Tobermory, Isle of Mull, died Jan. 26 in Tobermory. A legendary characer of…

Franco Tonelli


Franco Tonelli, 56, professor of drama, film studies and French at the U. of California, Irvine, died Jan. 22 in Laguna Beach of cancer. He started his career as an actor with several Italian theater…

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