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Nan Grey


Nan Grey, the wife of pop singer Frankie Laine and a leading lady in Hollywood films of the 1930s, died July 25 of natural causes on her 75th birthday.

J. David Kuhn


J. David Kuhn, 50, public television producer and acting director of WGBH-TV Boston's Descriptive Video Service, died July 25 in Schenley Park, Penn., in an auto racing accident.


John M. Culkin


John M. Culkin, 65, critic who analyzed the effects of television and film on society and advised the creators of "Sesame Street," died July 23 in New York of cancer.

Robert Toombs


Robert Toombs, 62, a veteran NBC News producer whose assignments spanned the globe from southeast Asia to the United Nations, died July 23 in New York of a heart attack.

Exec Shuffle


Cheryl Swiderski has been named to the new position of film and TV marketing coordinator for Zomba Music Services, which is expanding its Los Angeles office. She previously worked for Geffen Records…

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