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Yuri Nikulin


Yuri Nikulin, one of Russia's most popular actors with major roles in many leading Soviet comedies and melodramas of the 1960s and '70s, died in Moscow Aug. 21. He was 76.

Peter Daniel Bergmann


Peter Daniel Bergmann, nephew of Ted Bergmann, who served as executive in charge of production for the TV program "Three's Company," died June 30 in Florida as a result of injuries sustained in a…



Arlene Nakaoka and Frank Balkin, Aug. 10, Santa Monica. Bride’s non-pro; groom’s an agent for the Irv Schechter Co. * * * Chee-Yun Kim and Eugene Sung-Kyun Kim, Aug. 16, New York City. Bride’s…



Stacy and Mitchell Lieb, a girl, Jordan Alexis, July 23, New York. Mother’s VP of creative development for EMI Music Publishing: father’s senior VP of soundtracks/A&R for Hollywood Records. * * *…

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