Dream quest


It's Thursday afternoon at Midwood High School in Brooklyn, and writer-director Noah Baumbach sits on the auditorium stage, carefully studying a video monitor. Next to him, lenser Bob Yeoman…

Twisted truth


Literary adaptations, foreign-language films, comicbooks -- Hollywood development execs are always looking for source material that's proven itself elsewhere. So it shouldn't come as much surprise…

Viral inflection


Marketing that uses nontraditional media such as the Internet isn't exactly new, but it's now hitting its stride. More and more Net-savvy, cash-strapped indies are seeding cyberspace with mysterious…

Buddies fete Evans


Producer Robert Evans will receive a leadership award from Best Buddies, a nonprofit org dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing one-one-one mentorships…

Verdi dressing for E!


E! Entertainment TV has named Robert Verdi the channel's resident style expert, replacing former fashionistas Joan and Melissa Rivers. Verdi currently co-hosts Discovery Channel's makeover show…

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