Review: ‘Pop Rocks’


Hair bands of 1980s are one of rock 'n' roll's easiest comic targets: The music, hairstyles, clothing and lifestyle were easily mocked when they were new, and are more natural fodder for satire as…

‘Dying’ still has life


Sales of Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying" (Curb) dipped 70%, but the 227,000 copies that went home with buyers were enough to keep the country superstar atop the album sales chart for the week…

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Window on the world


With hundreds of movies programmed from 60 countries, the Toronto Film Festival has lived up to its rep as a major resource for world cinema. Once again, foreign sales agents will descend on the…

Fear of flight


Canada's long-time production havens of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are facing some runaway competition of their own. Several off-the-beaten-track provinces now offer competitive tax-credit…

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