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LakeshoreEmail: info@lakeshoreentertainment.comWeb site: www.lakeshoreentertainment.comOffice: 1441Attending: Julie McLaughlin; Elisabeth Costa De Beauregard Rose.PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS“Tooth,” Family; A…


When the confab closes


The locals never seem to shy from naming Rosemary's as their favorite eatery, though Pamplemousse, Le Restaurant on East Sahara Avenue and Alize French Restaurant in the Palms Hotel have earned local…

NATPE Product Listing: V


Vision FilmsEmail: visionfilms@earthlink.netWeb site: www.visionfilms.netOffice: 1003; (818) 235-9909Attending: Lise Romanoff, managing director, worldwide sales; Andre Relis, VP, intl. sales; Katie…

NATPE Product Listing: T


TargetEmail: info@target-tv.comWeb site: 1456Attending: Ellen Lovejoy, president of sales; Shane Lowe, sales manager.PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS“Fifi and the Flowertots,”…

NATPE Product Listing: H


Harmony GoldWeb site: www.harmonygold.comOffice: 607Attending: Frank Agrama, chairman & CEO; Colleen Morris, president; Melissa Wohl, VP, sales & acquisitions.PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS“Noise,” Thriller; A…

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