Review: ‘Denny Zeitlin’


Cerebral and uncompromising, the noted psychiatrist-pianist Denny Zeitlin used the material on his new MaxJazz disc "Slickrock" to fill the bulk of his 70-minute opening set at the Jazz Bakery. Most…

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Gaul grosses drop abroad


Gallic films' overseas box office fell 11% in the first 11 months of 2004 to $228 million, France's film promotional org Unifrance said Wednesday. The figure includes a dip to $52 million from $67…

Freeview’s purview


It's grim news for Rupert Murdoch. Take-up of Freeview, the U.K. digital terrestrial platform backed by the BBC and Murdoch's own BSkyB, is outstripping the take-up of BSkyB by 10-to-1.

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