Team tapped for Emmycast


Under the watch of exec producer Ken Ehrlich, the upcoming Primetime Emmycast will be directed by Bruce Gowers and produced by Renato Basile and Michael B. Seligman. Danette Herman is returning as…


Review: 'Out of Tune'


Michael Loprete's world premiere portrait of mediocre rock musicians who refuse to grow up is like a song with a great hook that falters in the verses and bridge. Whenever the central premise is…

Pramer's Garage sales


Pramer, the biggest pay TV distributor and programmer in Latin America, has inked a deal to handle ad and affiliate sales for car and motorcycle-focused feevee El Garage TV in Asia, Europe and Latin…

RTL travels to 'Rome'


RTL TV has picked up terrestrial rights to HBO's 12-part series "Rome." Skein, which focuses on two Roman soldiers and their families, will bow on HBO in September and on Germany's pay TV service…

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