The ‘Winning’ season


The Del Mar race track on Saturday hosted Kevin Costner and the preem of docu "Laffit: All About Winning," helmed by Jim Wilson. Costner narrates the pic about jocket Laffit Pincay Jr., who holds the…

Fox TV falls forward


Only in the land of make-believe could a party celebrating the start of the fall TV season take place on a warm August night. But that was just the scenario Wednesday as 20th Century Fox TV decided…


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Pix perk up TW


A few months ago, skeptics were predicting a glum summer for Time Warner. Without a "Harry Potter" for Warner Bros. or any high-profile pics for New Line, Time Warner threatened to become a summer…

Double duty


Prince and Dubya impersonators Jason Tenner and John Morgan mug for the cameras Sunday at the Stardust Resort & Casino during the World Convention of Famous Reflections.

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