Parallel universe


Sundance's Web presence now mirrors the Park City fest's programming more closely and will last longer. Accessible anywhere in the world via the Internet, the fifth edition of the Sundance Online…

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Festival lineup


DRAMATIC COMPETITION Between, David Ocanas Brick, Rian Johnson Dying Gaul, Craig Lucas Ellie Parker, Scott Coffey Forty Shades of Blue, Ira Sachs How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, Georgina…

Ira Sachs


"I'm interested in understanding the conflicts and complexities of identity," says Ira Sachs, "and how a person can play many different roles in their life at the same time."

Fest vets return to action


Gregg Araki “This is my eighth film, and my sixth at Sundance,” says writer-director Gregg Araki of “Mysterious Skin,” an adaptation of Scott Heim’s novel. “I’m really excited to go back, partly…

Greg McLean


Thousands of backpackers venture into the vast Australian outback each year; every so often, some go missing. Vehicle breakdowns are common, some get lost and disoriented, others perish for lack of…

Gatekeepers open up


John Cooper Backstory: Former playwright who joined the festival staff 15 years ago; he’s now director of film festival programming. Programs: All festival sections. Trendwatch: “There’s definitely…

Pawel Pawlikowski


Pawel Pawlikowski has won praise and awards for his low-budget British features "Last Resort" and "My Summer of Love," but part of him still misses his first love, making TV documentaries about his…

Miranda July


Having spent the last decade-plus multitasking performance art, short films, fiction, journalism, video art installations, Web-based presentations and the film distribution network Joanie4Jackie…

John Harkrider


John Harkrider knows more about big-time money than most novice directors. As a young attorney for the powerhouse Wall Street firm Skadden, he helped put together multi-billion-dollar…

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Party animals


The Golden Globes were held Sunday; the presidential inauguration will be held Thursday. On the surface, these glitzy spectacles bear a sharp resemblance to each other: Tuxedo-clad A-listers (in…

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