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Review: ‘Gomez’


Gomez has that rare blend of songcraft, jam-band elasticity and an experimental hankering that pays off with a sound that's grounded and otherworldly. For the last year, the band members have been…

Cinema Olympics


Foreign pics have tended to be overshadowed by U.S. indies at Sundance, but the fest has been making some aggressive moves to change that. Chief among them is this year's decision to make the World…

Expanding reality


As documentaries continue to gain a higher profile at the box office, buyers at Sundance 2005 will be feverishly searching for the next "Super Size Me" or "Spellbound," and this year's lineup will…

‘Napoleon’ complex


Last year's Sundance festival served as evidence, yet again, that audiences -- and distributors -- were willing to embrace inexpensively made films with no star power behind them. Take, for example…

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