• Biz

Amin, Sony in Zorro duel


Mark Amin's production shingle has filed suit against Sony Pictures Entertainment, alleging Sony is trying to block a futuristic Zorro movie by wrongly claiming exclusive rights to the Zorro…

Makeover for Image


DVD distributor Image Entertainment has acquired 19-year-old Chicago-based publisher-distrib Home Vision Entertainment. The $8 million deal also gives the former laserdisc company exclusive…

Lucas touts tube moves


Maybe Lucasfilm should change its name to LucasTV. In his keynote talk at the annual Siggraph computer graphics conference and tradeshow Monday, George Lucas said the company would be more focused on…

  • Film

Family Business


Now that the smoke has cleared on many of Hollywood's day-and-date actioners -- which have invaded international territories with mixed results this summer -- a pair of slow-rolling family films are…

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