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Tribeca’s rocking


Two pics from indie label IFC Films were tapped Tuesday to play the Tribeca Film Festival's Showcase section: Louis Pepe and Keith Fulton's punk rock mockumentary "Brothers of the Head" and the…

Vik’s on a Viv U kick


Carl Icahn, move over. A deep-pocketed European investor named Alexander Vik has apparently acquired 2.5% of Vivendi Universal -- making him the French conglom's largest individual shareholder -- and…

Review: ‘The Stones’


A kinetically choreographed, ripped-from-the-headlines cautionary tale, "The Stones" tells the story of two bored and basically innocent teenagers who end up committing a terrible offense. Targeted…

Review: ‘Art Brut’


Talk about false advertising: The British-German group Art Brut named their band after the postwar movement formed by Jean Debuffet, who defined it as "works executed by those immune to artistic…

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