Good Eats


Because man cannot live on filet mignon alone, Variety Weekend asked three of L.A.'s most prominent chefs for their favorite spots to grab a bite for under $25.


Pols pound 'Path'


"The Path to 9/11" is looking a lot like "The Reagans, Part II." Bill Clinton loyalists are demanding wholesale changes to the upcoming miniseries -- and while ABC is making some snips, the…

Indecent proposals


A federal appeals court granted the Federal Communications Commission's request for remand of a trio of indecency decisions that some broadcasters had challenged legally. Praising the court's action…

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B.O. takes an artful aura


The box office is starting to get serious. Focus Features is sending out its R-rated, Adrien Brody-starring gumshoe pic "Hollywoodland" on 1,548 screens. Strategy echoes the Universal shingle's…

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