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Review: ‘Antonia’


A gal group with spunk, singing chops and a whole lot of personal crises provides a study in artistic survival in Tata Amaral's intimately crafted "Antonia." Pic's depiction of rising above is less a…

Golden moment


David Lynch was treated like a doge at the Venice Film Festival, where the helmer from Montana received a career achievement Golden Lion, followed by a posh party in a palazzo on the Grand Canal in…

Kickoff returns


ABC's controversial 9/11 movie drew a sizable aud of roughly 13 million viewers on Sunday night, but that number was dwarfed by comparison with NBC's big showing for pro football. On the eve of the…

Newsman gets his day


On the eve of his Discovery Channel debut, Ted Koppel was honored by the Museum of Television & Radio Sept. 6 in Beverly Hills, participating in a Q&A with MTR prexy Pat Mitchell.

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