Philippa Campbell


After deregulation of New Zealand's television industry in the late 1980s spelled the end of a thriving TV drama production sector, Kiwi native Philippa Campbell ankled her job as inhouse head of…


Scott Steindorff


If you're not Harvey Weinstein or Scott Rudin, don't bother trying to get highbrow literary adaptations made with studio-caliber stars, especially if you're new to the business.

Craig Berenson


It went from being the most buzzed-about B-movie since "The Blair Witch Project" to a box office champ, even if its opening weekend numbers didn't quite live up to the hype. It also helped reinvent…

Denise Pinckley


Denise Pinckley's recently completed "Bella," bowing in the World Contemporary Cinema section at Toronto, marks a milestone as a producer in a career that's steadily risen from the ground-level ranks…

Aimee Peyronnet


Aimee Peyronnet is truly an international producer. She grew up in Amsterdam and Paris, has a New York office, makes deals in London and Los Angeles, and works with such far-flung talents as New…

Fabrizio Mosca


Fabrizio Mosca started his Titti Film shingle 12 years ago in Rome after cutting his teeth in various capacities in London and Paris and unsuccessfully giving it a go in Los Angeles, where he spent…

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