TV menu changing?


Federal regulators made cablers happy Monday, telling them at their annual convention that the FCC favors market solutions over governmental intervention. In particular, commission officials evoked…

Ads get a big kick


Summer's World Cup soccer tournament in Germany will boost global ad spending, but it is the developing world and the Internet that will see the biggest increases in ad expenditure in the coming…

Review: ‘iWitness’


A forceful morality drama with a poetic theatricality and an accusatory bite, Joshua Sobol's "iWitness" is based on the true story of Franz Jagerstatter, an Austrian peasant who was beheaded for…

  • Film

Focus gaining ‘Ground’


Focus Features has scooped up worldwide rights to Patricia Foulkrod's "The Ground Truth: After the Killing Ends," a feature docu that follows a half-dozen Americans heading into U.S. military service…

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