Back in the day, moguls meant murals. Jack Warner's home showcased Chinese landscapes, Cary Grant's had a tropical scene and the ceiling in Norma Talmadge's residence was a virtual Sistine Chapel.

Standoff at Big Sur


For Big Sur loyalists, Ventana Inn & Spa vs. Post Ranch Inn is a long-standing debate: Post Ranch panache vs. Ventana's blissed-out woodsiness. For those willing to foot the bill, both present…


Reveille revs slate


Indie producer-distributor Reveille has snapped up nine new shows for global distribution, and will roll them out at the upcoming Mipcom TV trade show in Cannes. By expanding its third-party library…

Todd Rosenthal


Anything and everything you can think of that relates to transportation, we will resolve. n A well-known executive said, "I have two Mercedes, a Ferrari and a Jeep. I want to get rid of them and buy…

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B.O. in for noir war


After specialty arm Focus Features sent out the noir pic "Hollywoodland" last weekend to gain pole position in fall's derby for more serious films, parent studio Universal is rolling out its own…

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