Psychics on parade


A true psychic and a fake psychic are returning for another season on USA. "The Dead Zone," which drew a sixth-season pickup of 13 hours, stars Anthony Michael Hall as a science teacher with…

Nashville nights


With Toby Keith's new film preeming, a world-class new symphony hall bowing and the leaders of Nashville's business elite gathering to strategize the local entertainment industry's future, all in…

Supper club


Private dinners seemed to be the social m.o. at this year's Toronto fest. New Line staged an elegant supper Sept. 11 at Jamie Kennedy's new restaurant in Toronto's Gardiner Museum to fete "Little…

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The Rock’s rolling


Sony's feel-good football drama "Gridiron Gang" landed in the No. 1 spot this weekend, scoring $15 million at the B.O. Perf handily bested that of Universal's Hollywood Babylon tale "The Black…

Review: ‘Golden Smog’


Golden Smog is composed of Midwestern rockers looking to get their ra-ra jones out; though they did that in spades at a fun but overlong show at the Avalon, their enthusiasm did little to rouse a…

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