Peter Krause


After starring in ABC's "Sports Night" and HBO's "Six Feet Under," Krause wasn't looking for another series. So when he was approached about starring in the new ABC fall drama "Dirty Sexy Money" by…

Keith Olbermann


Olbermann has strong opinions on the state of national and international affairs, and his willingness to share them on a nightly basis has made his show "Countdown" a cornerstone of the MSNBC cable…


Josh Schwartz


OK, having two new shows on the air does not make you the next Aaron Spelling. But as the co-creator of two of the fall's biggest buzzmakers -- NBC's "Chuck" and the CW's "Gossip Girl" -- Schwartz…

Dylan McDermott


Out of "The Practice" but not entirely out of practice, McDermott heads back to the primetime Alphabet lineup with "Big Shots" in the role of cosmetics company CEO Duncan Collinsworth. McDermott, of…

Dawn Ostroff


After a ho-hum freshman year, the CW is poised to come into its own this season, thanks to perhaps the most-talked-about lineup of new shows on any network -- and the working mom who runs the web.

Kate Walsh


Who would have thought back in May 2005, when Walsh's Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd rudely interrupted the romance between Meredith and McDreamy on the first-season cliffhanger of "Grey's Anatomy,"…

Nina Tassler


Tassler was looking to stir the pot at CBS this year -- and she got her wish. "Viva Laughlin" catches characters singing along to popular songs. "Cane" boasts a predominantly Latino cast. "Moonlight"…

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