Anthony Anderson


After a decadelong career that has seen him move smartly between roles in kidpics ("Kangaroo Jack," "Big Momma's House") and hard-edged drama ("The Shield," "The Departed"), Anderson's now heading to…

Ken Burns


Burns hit it big 17 years ago with his epic "The Civil War," still considered by many one of the best TV documentary series of all time. His latest foray at PBS is "The War," an attempt to document…

British Invasion


The trend in non-American casting the past few years seemed to be going Australian, but this fall season it's the Brits who are giving their American accents a workout.


Drew Carey


Carey has some formidable tasks this fall beyond just learning the rules of Plinko. The new host of CBS' stalwart gameshow "The Price Is Right" must find a way to make the show his own while filling…

David Eick


Fans of Eick's work on "Battlestar Galactica" are all too familiar with bionic women, as sophisticated lady cyborgs pose the greatest threat to humankind on his high-concept update of the popular…

Bryan Fuller


The fall's most-buzzed-about pilot is also one of its most unusual: a whimsical hourlong about a piemaker who discovers he can bring people back to life with his finger -- but send them permanently…

Chuck Lorre


Lorre already has the most popular sitcom on television, even if some critics aren't thrilled about it. His "Two and a Half Men" drew an average of 14.1 million viewers last season to CBS at 9 p.m…

Mark Gordon


Jerry Bruckheimer's monster success in TV has inspired a slew of film producers to jump to the smallscreen. None has had as many triumphs in the form as Gordon. Man behind blockbusters from "Saving…

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