Scott Packman


For Scott Packman, great dealmaking comes back to a simple, fundamental practice. "One of the most important things I do is listen to people and hear what their true objectives are, and that allows…

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Scott Parish


Alcon Entertainment chief operating officer Scott Parish is fully aware of where the company's $550 million in financing came from, and he knows exactly where it's going as well.

Peter Schlessel


Sony toppers Amy Pascal and Michael Lynton have a secret dealmaking weapon: Peter Schlessel. The president of worldwide affairs has been at the studio for 20 years, and has held posts in almost all…

Kevin Tsujihara


It's understandable if you think Kevin Tsujihara is playing games at Warner Bros. The exec, who oversees homevideo, digital distribution, online, wireless and anti-piracy efforts, spent the past year…

Steve Wadsworth


Disney hasn't always been the smartest player in the dot-com space. Its focus on turning into a major portal was a bust during the first boom. Other efforts like getting kids to pay to play on…

Philip Anschutz


The dealmaker: Media, sports and live-entertainment mogul Philip Anschutz prefers to stay out of the spotlight. The Denver-based billionaire (Forbes estimates his net worth at $8 billion, rating him…

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