Frank Steadman


Frank Steadman, 48, video engineer and telecine film consultant, died Dec. 30 in Burbank, Calif., apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A native of Chicago, Steadman studied film and tv…


Don Draper


Don Draper, 62, actor, died Dec. 17 in Los Angeles of AIDS. A veteran of stage, film and tv, Draper appeared on Broadway in “Advise And Consent,” “Madame, Will You Walk,” “Coriolanus” and “Eye For An…

Pato Guzman


Pato Guzman, 57, production designer and a longtime associate of Paul Mazursky, died Jan. 2 in Santiago, Chile, after a brief illness. Guzman arrived in Los Angeles in the mid-1950s to work at Desilu…

Steve Clark


Steve Clark, 30, guitarist for heavy metal group Def Leppard, was found dead at his London home Jan. 8. Cause was unknown, pending an autopsy, but friends said death followed a heavy-drinking party…

Helmer Forms New Company


Brit helmer Franc Roddam has joined forces with commercials producer Brad Adams to form a development company that will foster projects in film, television and video. The venture, Union Pictures, is…

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