Oscar Rudolph


Oscar Rudolph, 79, who directed such diverse tv series as “The Donna Reed Show” and “Batman,” died Feb. 1 in Encino, Calif., following a stroke. Rudolph, the father of film director Alan Rudolph…


Dean Jagger


Dean Jagger, 87, dependable character actor who won an Oscar for his 1949 film” Twelve O'Clock High,” died Feb. 5 in Los Angeles. His wife, Etta, said he had been recovering from a bout with the flu…

Nancy Kulp


Nancy Kulp, 69, best known for her role as secretary Jane Hathaway on CBS' “The Beverly Hillbillies,” died Feb. 3 in Palm Desert, Calif., of cancer. Kulp graduated with a journalism degree from…

Last Call For 'Cheers'?


Will “Cheers” be the first No. 1 series in tv history that doesn't return for another season because the network and the production company can't agree on renewal terms? Reps and station sources say…

Carroll Carroll


Carroll Carroll, 88, veteran VARIETY columnist and the writer credited with creating Bing Crosby's radio persona, died Feb. 5 in Los Angeles of heart failure. Carroll wrote a humorous critique of…

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