Norman J. Brooks


Norman J. Brooks, 64, award-winning tv producer, died Jan. 3 in New York of a heart attack. Brooks was partnered with his wife, Fern Field, in Los Angeles-based Brookfield Prods. They produced a…

David Chandler


David Chandler, 78, screenwriter, novelist and playwright, died Oct. 19 in Palm Springs, Calif. Chandler published over a dozen novels including “The Ramsden Case,” “Captain Hollister,” “The…

Critic Exits Times


After 18 years in the job, David Robinson has been replaced as chief film critic for the Times of London by second-stringer Geoffrey Brown. Robinson, who remains a contributor, was ousted as critic…


Domestic Film DAILY


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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Daily Gross:$7.6M

    Cume to08.12.14: $79.8M

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Daily:$7.6M Cumulative:$79.8M Paramount Pictures 13.49%
  2. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Daily Gross:$6.6M

    Cume to08.12.14: $188.5M

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Daily:$6.6M Cumulative:$188.5M Disney 23.68%
  3. 3

    Into the Storm

    Daily Gross:$2.1M

    Cume to08.12.14: $21.1M

    Into the Storm

    Daily:$2.1M Cumulative:$21.1M Warner Brothers / New Line 21.06%

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Robert J. Myers


Robert J. Myers, 93, news director for WNAC-TV Boston (now WHDH-TV) from 1948 to 1962, died Dec. 21 in Arlington, Mass. He joined WNAC-AM Boston (now WRKO) in the early 1930s as news editor, joining…

Deborah L. Bock-Leader


Deborah L. Bock-Leader, 38, update producer on the NBC series “Unsolved Mysteries,” died Dec. 9 in Santa Monica, Calif., of cancer. Bock-Leader spent the past four years at “Mysteries” producer…

Gilbert Price


Gilbert Price, 48, who was nominated for Tony Awards four times, was found dead Jan. 2 in Vienna. The cause of death was not known, but Price had diabetes for many years. He made a promising debut on…

Jack Fine


Jack Fine, 87, personal manager to theater and film actors, died Jan. 7 in Australia of heart failure. He founded Apex Management Corp. and ran it for nearly 50 years. Fine's career began at MCA…

'Cello' In Theaters


Television writer Anthony Minghella's directorial debut, “Cello,” has been so well received that the BBC has postponed its transmission on the small screen to allow time for a theatrical release.

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