Ralph B. Serpe


Film producer and distributor Ralph B. Serpe, 81, died Oct. 24 in Tarzana of cancer. A longtime associate of Dino De Laurentiis, Serpe started his film career in the late 1940s when he served as VP…


Maggie Comer Robinson


Maggie Comer Robinson, 88, whose methods of educating children and parents out of the poverty cycle were the subject of a book, a PBS docu and a funk/rock album, died Sept. 29 in an East Chicago…

Jackson Weaver


Jackson Weaver, 72, a Washington, D.C., broadcaster who co-anchored WMAL-AM's morning drive-time slot for 32 years, died Oct. 20 of heart and kidney failure at Holy Cross Hospital there.

Exec Shuffle


The National Film Board of Canada has appointed Germaine Wong as its Paris representative. Leaving a position as English program branch national marketing manager, she replaces Pierre Ducharme, who…

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