Rosenberg memorial


A celebration of life will be held in memory of producer and former Warner Bros. executive Mark Rosenberg at noon Friday at the Writers Guild Theater at 135 S. Doheny in Beverly Hills.

Exec Shuffle


New Line Cinema has appointed Scott Hyneryager assistant division manager for the company's distribution central division. He will be based in New Line's Chicago office. Before joining New Line, he…

Laurel Cronin


Laurel Cronin, 53, an actress, singer and dancer, died Oct. 26 in Chicago from cancer. Cronin moved to Los Angeles two years ago after a 30-year career in Chicago theater.

Leroy Lusk


Leroy Lusk, who served as camera optical supervisor for Mercer Titles and Optical Effects since 1986, died of a heart attack on Oct. 30 at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Keith Keeler Walsh


Keith Keeler Walsh, 40, composer-synthesist who recorded under the name Keeler, died Sept. 25 at Jersey City Medical Center of a massive cerebral hemorrhage related to HIV infection.

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