Memorial service


There will be a memorial service for Howard Ashman, author, lyricist and director of “Little Shop Of Horrors” and Academy Award-winner for his lyrics for “The Little Mermaid,” May 7 at 7:30 p.m. at…


Carmine Coppola


Carmine Coppola, 80, Oscar-winning composer, died April 26 in Los Angeles following a stroke. He was the father of director Francis Coppola, actress Talia Shire and August Coppola, dean of the…

Fund To Back Indie Pix


Independent producers' rep John Pierson, in association with Island World, has created a $5 million fund designed to help filmmakers finish independent feature films. The New York Completion Fund…

Steve Broidy


Steve Broidy, 86, president of Monogram Pictures and its successor, Allied Artists, from 1945 to 1965, died April 29 in Los Angeles following a heart attack. A native of Maiden, Mass., Broidy…

Slam-bang 'Doors' Preems


A few classy performers bucked a generally dullish frame, the hottest of which was “Sleeping With The Enemy” which pulled nearly $3 million in third turn on 259 screens. Nearest runner-up, also in…

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