V.J. Skutt


V.J. Skutt, who built Mutual of Omaha Cos. into the nation's largest provider of individual health insurance to Americans and linked the company to TV's popular wildlife show, died Tuesday.



Cathy and Bill Krickl, a boy, William Charles Jr., Jan. 29, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena. Mother's a publicity manager for Stephen J. Cannell Prods.

Franco Brusati


Franco Brusati, Italian writer and director, died Feb. 28 of leukemia in Rome. He was 72. Brusati, who was born in Milan, worked as a journalist before moving to Rome, where he became a film…

Eddie Constantine


Eddie Constantine, 75, American actor who became famous in Europe by portraying American tough-guy characters in films, died Feb. 25 in Wiesbaden, Germany, of a heart attack.

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