Stephen Langley


Dr. Stephen Langley, an educator, author, theater manager and founder of one of the first graduate-level programs in arts management in the U.S., died of respiratory heart failure Saturday at Long…

John D. Benson


John D. (Johnny) Benson, a veteran stuntman who upon retirement developed a new career as an assistant director and production manager, died April 16 of an undisclosed illness at Scripps Memorial…


Hoke Howell


Veteran character actor Hoke Howell, who worked in films and TV for more than 40 years, died May 9 of heart failure at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank. He was 67.

Helen Tucker Gershenson


Helen Tucker Gershenson, a former Broadway actress and widow of longtime Universal Pictures music director Joseph Gershenson, died April 26 at her North Hollywood home of natural causes. She was 91.

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