Nicholas Allen Draklich


Nicholas Allen Draklich, the veteran video industry executive who was a key player in helping Nostalgia Merchant set up its distribution of video titles, died April 14 of cancer at his home in Los…

John D. Benson


John D. (Johnny) Benson, a veteran stuntman who upon retirement developed a new career as an assistant director and production manager, died April 16 of an undisclosed illness at Scripps Memorial…


H.C. Hernandez


H.C. Hernandez, who served in various executive capacities for several entertainment companies, died April 24 of cancer-related complications at USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 65.

Stephen Langley


Dr. Stephen Langley, an educator, author, theater manager and founder of one of the first graduate-level programs in arts management in the U.S., died of respiratory heart failure Saturday at Long…

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