Karen Miller and Tim Homan, a girl, Olivia Eugenia Homan, Sept. 3, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Mother’s a producer for Warner Bros. Television; father is non-pro. * * * Holly K. Rosen and Eric…

Michael Bender


Michael Bender, who was one of the producers on "Beetlejuice" for Warner Bros. in 1988, died Oct. 3 of AIDS complications at Tarzana Encino Hospital. He was 51.


Harold Robbins


Harold Robbins, whose novels about glamorous and scandalous people, including "The Carpetbaggers," "Where Love Has Gone," "The Betsy" and "The Lonely Lady," proved frequent source material for…

Helen Merrill


Helen Merrill, one of the leading independent agents for playwrights, directors and designers, died Aug. 18 at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York. Merrill, 79, had been suffering from lung cancer.

Millard Lampell


Millard Lampell, an Emmy-winning writer, novelist and songwriter who was blacklisted during the McCarthy era, died Oct. 3 of lung cancer at his home in Ashburn, Va. He was 78.

John Ashley


John Ashley, who started as an actor in hot rod and beach party movies and who became a successful producer of such hits as "The A-Team" and "Walker, Texas Ranger," died Oct. 4 of a heart attack on…

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