John Ashley


John Ashley, who started as an actor in hot rod and beach party movies and who became a successful producer of such hits as "The A-Team" and "Walker, Texas Ranger," died Oct. 4 of a heart attack on…


Michel Stuart


Michel Stuart, a former Broadway dancer who later gained prominence as a costume designer and theatrical producer, died Sept. 7 in an automobile accident in Malibu. He was 54.

Joel Loy


Joel Loy, an award-winning senior correspondent for "Inside Edition" who had been with the show since 1989, died Saturday in Rochester, N.Y. after a long illness. He was 50.

Ray Heatherton


Ray Heatherton, a former big band singer and Broadway performer who starred with his daughter Joey Heatherton in a network summer variety series, died Aug. 15 of Alzheimer's disease at the Actors'…

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